Kids Contigo knows that your big day is unique to you. Every moment you've envisioned  has been planned down to the very last detail.  Let us take care of those special moments for your littlest guests.  Kids Contigo offers various custom packages to meet your specific needs. Our staff will ensure that the children are as involved in the festivities as you'd prefer.    

Kids' Fiesta

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Little ones love a party too!  Kids Contigo has a plethora of creative ideas and activities up our sleeves,   Whether it's knights and princesses, magic, superheroes, rock stars, Lego or a fancy tea party we've got you covered.  We supply all the materials needed to spark imaginations and to bring the party to life.  

Game Night

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Sometimes kids just want to chill.  We will provide board games, card games, play-doh, puzzles, books and other manipulatives such as building straws, marble runs and blocks for the children to play with collaboratively.

Super Sitters

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Kids Contigo also provides childcare for small, intimate settings. When parents just need a night out, Kids Contigo will tend to your child and keep them safe at home. We provide expert childcare for children of all ages. 

Travel Caretakers


When it's time to go on vacation, It's important that everyone's needs are met, including yours. Kids Contigo  takes the stress out of planning something for your little tourist. Our staff will tag along to ensure that your small travelers are enjoying their vacation with kid friendly activities or an extra set of eyes at the pool. We make sure that the children can experience a safe and fun environment no matter where your travels take you.  Parents get the piece of mind and vacation they deserve, while the children are in our care.



Don't see what you're looking for?

 Don't worry. We still have what you need.  Give us a call and we'll create something just for you.